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Reverse Engineer position in Berlin (90 000 – 130 000 euro per year)

Category: Multilingual

Location: Ireland, Germany

Job type: Permanent, Fulltime

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Our client, a German Computer Software company which is the leading developer of graphics software and is based in Berlin.


• Location: Berlin, Germany

• Position: full-time, no remote or freelancer work

• Number of vacancies: 2

• Salary: 90 000-130 000 € gross per year, after the 1st year - 130 000 € guaranteed

• Team size: 20 developers reporting directly to CTO (3 people in reverse engineering stream)

• Reason for opening: we have 2 developers who do C++ and reverse engineering at the same time. CTO wants to move 2 current members to C++ programming only and hire 2 people specifically for reverse engineering part

• Sourcing locations for candidates: everywhere in the world. We will support with the relocation and work permit

• Start date: flexible, can wait for the candidate who received job offer up to 8-12 month to join

Job requirements

• Language: English

• Working experience: binary code and malware analysis, IDA, security vulnerabilities, understand data structures and algorithms involving dozens of functions all from nothing but binary

• Education: EU citizens/residence holders – any; others have to have a University degree (starting from Bachelor)

We distinguish ourselves from other Microsoft Office add-ins by having an intuitive user interface, smart algorithms that automate many tasks and, not least, a deep integration into its Office host application. To achieve this deep integration, we use the public APIs offered by Office and Windows whenever we can, but unfortunately, they do not let us do everything we want to do. So we add our own customization hooks into the Office and Windows binaries.

Instead of using fixed addresses, we find code locations using machine code patterns to be robust against minor changes.

Finding ways to achieve a desired customization is a truly zen-like activity. It requires deep analytical skills, the ability to juggle vast amounts of information in the head and quickly separate promising from less promising approaches.

About the recruitment process

• 3 hour reverse engineering test followed by a weekend homework followed by on-site 4 h interview with CTO

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Position: Reverse Engineer position in Berlin (90 000 – 130 000 euro per year)

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